Travis Flesher
Travis Flesher

Travis was born in the heat of late May. His parents, Mark and Dayna Flesher, were happy to have a second addition to the family. Travis’ brother, Julien, was very happy to see his new brother. Then Julien shortly realized that all that love and affection he received as an only child is now withering away. He hated Travis.

Fast-forward about 10 years, Travis was an aspiring director. Ever since he picked up his first camera, he wanted to shoot funny little things with his friends. Eventually he realized he needed to put a name to all of this, “awesomeness” he was producing. He came up with SincIndustryz. He created his YouTube channel in 2010 and ever since, he has been posting mediocre videos.

Travis’ high school was a Career and Technical school for Media Communications. There he learned how to further his abilities in filmmaking combined with real world expectations. This is probably the keystone of his adolescent career.

Travis is now enrolled at UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas). He is currently studying for a bachelors degree in Film. He is working in Las Vegas, Nevada as a Director of Photography.

Travis is currently writing the rest of the auto-biography, he’ll be right back!


“I need to find a quote to put here.”
– Travis Flesher