Freshly Graduated from UNLV with a BA, Travis Flesher has since been working freelance as a Videographer, Cinematographer, and Editor located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As a Technical Director, Travis has engineered over 400 episodes of video and audio podcasts at Show Creators, producing shows for high-end clientele.
Popular shows include: Spill The Tea, Action Junkeez, Political Junkeez, and The Schmozone, which has live cut deliverables at the end of each show.
Recently, he has been integrating podcast technologies for zoom conferences remotely. Alongside, he manages incoming panelists while running assets and many zoom meetings, amounting over 2000 attendees; Working with entertainers such as Penn Jillette, David Goldrake, and Jeff Civillico on their personal zoom shows.

Travis has been credited as Director of Photography in numerous short indie films and romantic music videos ranging from all levels of budgets and styles.

He continues to pursue his film career by developing his own medium of comedic content via YouTube, managing and filming a personal podcast, and effectively contributing by offering professional feedback to producers and crew members.


“I need to find a quote to put here.”
– Travis Flesher