‘Stripped’ with Will Edwards – Episode 08

Stripped with Will Edwards ep 8

‘Stripped’ with Will Edwards, with guest Ronald Smith

Posted by Travis Flesher on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

This is episode 8 of a Show that I run Technical Director for called ‘Stripped’ with Will Edwards.
To see more episodes go to Show Creators Live! Facebook Page.

In this video, I am the Line Producer and the Technical Director.

Show Creators Studios Tour

This is a studio tour of Show Creators Studios.

In this video, I was the Camera Operator and Editor.

The Golden Ladle

Submitted to the UNLV 48 hour Film festival. 
So like any other sane person, I stayed up for 56 hours and created a beautiful Film Noir.

In this production, I was the Cinematographer and Editor.



A dumpster, nothing more… or is there a sense a natural art to this?

Travis and the Mountain

Travis and the Mountain
Travis and the Mountain

This photo was taken outside of the County Road 215 in Las Vegas, NV